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Is Baldness A Hurdle In Your Marriage? Facing Rejection?

Yes it is true that people are facing rejection due to their baldness problem. Due to growing hair problem today people starts facing hair loss at a very early age and yes of course due to their baldness problem they are not the first choice of their life partner.

Why hair loss is a problem in arrange marriages and love marriages?

In country like India where arrange marriages are so common both parents and girls do have some criteria to make the crucial decision of marriage. The two most important elements of the selection choice of a perfect man include a good job and good looks. Everyone desire to have a good looking life partner who looks attractive and smart enough but the increasing hair loss problem disturbs the personality of a male and contributes a lot to rejection decision for males, because due to baldness men look so older than his age. In a marriage there are aspects that contribute to final decision of marriage and unfortunately baldness plays an important role in creating hurdle to marriage.
In love marriages also hair loss is an effective cause of rejection it is because even if your life partner is ok with your baldness problem her parents would never agree to marry her daughter to a bald person especially when they have better option then you.

Hair loss can affect one’s Physically as well as Mentally also..

Men with severe hair loss –

  • Experience negative social and emotional effects.
  • Are more preoccupied with their baldness.
  • Make efforts to conceal or compensate for hair loss.

Women with severe hair loss –

  • Usually devastated.
  • Feel anxious, helpless, less attractive.
  • Due to living environment and eating habit, the major impact is seen on Man’s and Woman’s hair growth. And at very early age men look older than his age. This thing create mental pressure and they think for a whole life they are going to be rejected. This is because hair loss in male is identified as bald patches on head scalp or complete baldness and it directly effects the look and personality but in females the symptoms of hair loss is thinning of hair at the end and this not contributes a lot to looks thus males face more rejection problem.

Here is also some fact that matters –

  • About 70% of Women in India found Bald man less attractive.
  • Balding Men look 5year older than their age.
  • 41% of Men selected for marriage had full hair against 27% of those who were Balding.

Ask yourself –Is Baldness ruining your Married life-?fact that matters –

Then What to do in such cases?
“Baldness” i.e. most important factor of rejection in marriage can be solved by proper hair treatment. Apart from many hair product or remedies hair transplant is the only permanent solution.
Due to baldness many still waiting to get married at mid 40s and this is merely because they suffered with hair loss problem at a very early of 30 or so. In such cases it is suggested to go for available hair treatments at an early age of 30 so that they get desirable partner at an early age and their future remains secure and managed.
Hair Transplant now is not a costly way to get back your hair , if you visit Nubello Clinic. Team of experts that helps in detecting hair loss problem and provide suitable hair treatment. Treatments for hair loss include medications, surgery, laser therapy, and transplant.

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