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5 Body Language Tips to Go In Presentation With

Whenever we are about to speak anything publicly it is very important to know that how are message is conveyed and perceived by the audience. The understanding totally depends on how we represent the content with our gestures and postures, to be specific with our body language. Body language plays crucial role in public speaking or presentation whether the presentation is in school, college, office or a stage presentation. If we pursue the meaning correctly the audience will stuck on us which may lead conveying your message or topic more appropriately in the listener’s mind. So as convey more keep in mind some of this body language tips:

  • Eye Contact : When you say while making the eye contact with the listener they will start believing that whatever is said is for their concern and eventually they pay more attention to it. So always try to make eye contact with everyone in the group for about 4 to 5 seconds but don’t stare. Eye contact helps you to connect to your audience and also gives the immediate feedback. There might be a case when you spot a frown or furrowed brow in your audience don’t panic just give the gentle look, smile and move to the next .Eye_contact_img_kr
  • Gesture controlling : Another most important factor which affects your presentation is how you use your gestures to convey. As we know gesture is a movement of part of the body, especially hands or head. To express an idea or meaning use your hands as they should be folded at your back, it must not be in your pockets or folded across your chest either. Use them to show your emphasis, concern and engagement with audience. Don’t overdo it let it be natural. Try to open your hand and palm forward; do not take them above your shoulder until your statement demands. Use symbolic, descriptive and emotional gestures accordingly.gesture_img_kr
  • Posture: posture is way that how you hold your body, it is always suggested that delivering a presentation your posture should be straight. Hold your head high you must look confident and comfortable as seeing you relaxed your audience will also feel comfortable. Don’t show your back to the audience it will disconnect them.posture1_kr
  • Facial Expression : The movements of your eyes, mouth, and facial muscles can help you to build a relationship and connection with your audience. It is true that your face speaks a thousand words and this is hundred percent true in case of presentation. Smile, blink, confusion, anger, fear, surprise, focus everything can be expressed by the facial expression. Connect facial expression with your words.facial-expression_kr
  • Utilizing space, tempo and voice : Learn to use the stage space like a leader which will show the ease and confidence. Don’t move too much that will distract the audience. Keep pace and variation in tempo and voice according to the running topic’s situation.

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